About Us

Your web site requires eye-catching, well-placed graphics, intelligent organization, convincing copy, and the creative thought to blend these elements in line with your marketing plan.

To cover all the bases, UltraWarp uses a diverse staff of experienced professionals including:

  • Commercial artists
  • Web designers
  • Copywriters
  • Editors
  • Web marketers
  • Webmasters

Each web site project is thoroughly evaluated and jobs are specifically assigned according to the needs of the project and the styles of the workers. In many cases, the entire UltraWarp staff has some input in the development of a project to insure a complete, efficient and effective web site. So no matter what your business, you can be sure that UltraWarp has the right people to get the internet working for you.

Our President/CEO

Our president, David Zoffer, has a history of working in the Internet business, dating back to the Web’s inception. Mr. Zoffer currently serves as UltraWarp’s President/CEO and was the original founder of the company.

Mr. Zoffer has spearheaded the Internet effort at several companies, including most recently Princeton Softech, Inc.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Zoffer worked in the publishing field, working as editor-in-chief of Reptile Hobbyist magazine and as assistant editor of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine.

In his career, Mr. Zoffer has had three books and 17 articles published in various publications. He continues to focus on the Web arena, with specializations in Web design and marketing.


We proudly support
The Nature Conservancy.