Concept to Creation
Curious as to how the process of creating a professional web site occurs? The following is an overview of the process that takes place on every web site that UltraWarp creates. We want to make sure that you have every opportunity to be involved in the process, from concept to completion.

The first and most overlooked step in the Web design process is upfront planning. Too often, no planning is done at all which results in wasted time, effort and money.

Through the use of a project profiler which we ask that you fill out, we get a basic understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. We work with you to help you define your mission, goals, and most importantly, how to measure success for the project.

After signing a Memorandum of Engagement to hire us on an hourly basis, we begin creating all the needed elements for your site. We’ll then set up a test area on our server for your project and then create a working version of your web site!

We agree to a fixed price and sign a contract & non-disclosure agreement (if necessary) to start the groundwork of designing your site. We set up your server and start sketching different concepts. Together, we determine the basic “look and feel” of your site. The basic user interface and navigational elements are introduced and the back-end work begins.

Your site begins to take on form in colors, shapes, and other visual and textual elements in this phase. The illustrations, photography, writing and code come alive on the test server allowing you to stay involved and give us feedback. By maintaining close communication with you during this process we can deliver the site that suits your needs best. We work out all the technical problems during this phase and ensure your site has a functional and memorable look and feel.

We deliver your site to the server, install any software scripts or databases, and test to make sure your site has the desired effect on your intended audience. After your final approval, we officially launch your site to the World and help publicize it. We follow up with you during this phase and help answer any questions you may have. From this point on, we either release the entire site to you or help you when your site needs updating.

Web Site Components
Components of your successful web site can include some or all of the following:

  • Microsites
  • Landing pages
  • Scanned photographs, charts, etc.
  • Graphics
  • Animated images
  • Search Functionality
  • Chat
  • Feedback Form
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Database Integration
  • Responsive/mobile design

Customizing Your web site
Every web site is unique. We can modify any of the above components to accommodate your needs. We want you to be satisfied. This includes creating web-based training presentations,  or any other web-based needs you might have. Please contact UltraWarp to discuss your plans.

Our staff has internet experience going back to 1993—that’s quite a history in internet years! Whether you’re looking for a domain name, attempting to build a company-wide intranet, want to create a professionally-designed corporate web presence, or just want to put up a simple home page, UltraWarp can get the job done, from concept to finished product.